We Alone

Goat & Monkey x Megaverse

"When you're born, somewhere else far away, your creature is also born." Step inside this VR adventure of bravery in the face of loneliness.

We teamed up with theatre extraordinaires, Goat & Monkey, to turn their story into a virtual reality. Leading on all things digital, we blurred the lines between gaming and theatre for this fairytale narrative.

We used a storyboard to map out the route through the experience and show our intentions visually in a way that was understood by everyone.

Set in a dystopian rural England, we built a dark, foreboding and intricate world filled to the brim with 1985 trinkets of nostalgia. Everything was created from the ground up.

An interactive narrative requires a different approach to that of a written stage play. Setting the rules of the world and the mechanics of interaction was a key first step.

Using hand tracking, users interact with the glowing particle text, making it float away responsively.

Touching flashing objects unleash haunting memories and progression through the game.

Using motion captured performers we personified characters' memories through realtime illuminated wisp-like particles.

We created a single gesture hand tracked locomotion system designed specifically for Oculus Quest.

Users navigate the world by pinching their thumb and forefinger together. The route is visualised through glowing footsteps before they are teleported to their destination.

Building the ultimate boss level was no mean feat. We needed a titan sized nightmare inducing monster that would be enough to make a grown man cry...

The threat of the monster is omnipresent through the game but it’s only at the very end that it rears its ugly head.

Will you have the courage to look fear in the face?

Virtual Reality
Goat & Monkey
Project Team
Ben Carlin
John Ingle
Sally Scott
Joel Scott
Celia Knap
Dominic Kennedy
Dan Chapman
Hannah Clark
Nick Tietzsch-Tyler
Ben Simpkins
Ryan Smith
Urim Osmani
Tavan Maneetapho
Amina El-Kindy
Katherine McGarr
Nia Towle
Maggie Wignall