Arctic Escape

The Sheffield's Children's Hospital, Artfelt

Distraction therapy adventure app. Using the magic of Augmented Reality to transport children with burn injuries to the Arctic

Winner of 'Best App Design' — The Design Week Awards 2020

We were commissioned to create an experience that would help reduce children's stress and anxiety before, during and after treatment at Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Using Augmented Reality (AR), we transformed the treatment room into an interactive arctic wonderland.

The game can only be played from the treatment bed which turns into a floating raft surrounded by water allowing the nurses to easily administer treatment.

We developed a sandbox style gameplay that is fun, intuitive and can sustain long periods of engagement with no definitive end goal for a therapeutic form of distraction.

During their journey, children can feed the penguins, play rings with the octopus and even make the seagulls poop!

We created a majestic soothing score with multiple motifs that are randomised throughout the gameplay to help immerse and relax the patients.

Receiving feedback from nurses and children such as “It's brilliant” and “10 out of 10” was music to our ears!

...even Creative Review thought it was worthy of an honourable mention in their 2020 edition of, The Annual.

Distraction Therapy
Sheffield Children's Hospital
Project Team
Ben Carlin
Arthur Tubbs
Martin Alcock
John Ingle
Pitstop Productions
The University of Sheffiled AdAM