Game Changers

Megaverse for UKRI

Game Changers was a free-to-play, live interactive show that invited online audiences on a journey into climate activism, sparking collective action and conversations about our climate crisis.

The story followed three activists and their A.I. robot ECO, as they attempted to save their local town Greenview from the impacts of climate change.

The show combined game engine and live broadcast technologies and was streamed in real-time, with audiences choosing the direction of the narrative and interacting with the characters through chat.

The online audience was welcomed to the show by ECO. They formed ECO's AI data points and helped it with critical decision making. The audience's chat featured on ECO's screen inside the game engine.

Our actors were motion captured from head to toe, offering complete live body capture.

We designed and created 15 3D environments to build the fictional world of Greenview.

We developed our own low latency virtual camera monitor system that allowed our operators to see into the virtual world. These systems provided them with the ability to zoom, and switch between manual focus and autofocus systems.

We designed our own interface, providing information, such as lens data and story steps.

The broadcast director was able to live switch between 7 viewpoints to deliver a visually stimulating cinematic experience to the online audience.

The project was funded by UK Research and Innovation and was the first of its kind, converging theatre, film and gaming in an immersive and innovative way. To read further documentation on the project click here. To watch the replays visit:

Social Good
Project Team
John Ingle
Toki Allison
Ben Carlin
Emma Nuttall
Hetty Hodgson
Dr Lynda Dunlop
Zoyander Street
University of Leeds
AMP Proto
Pitstop Productions