Degree Show

Coventry University

A global exhibition in your pocket. Celebrating the work of graduates from around the world through AR.

In a year of lockdowns, distancing and bedrooms-as-studios, we worked with Peter & Paul to transform a degree show from one that you travel to, to one that you can access anywhere, anytime – all from your phone.

Utilising the power of AR we created a ‘minority report’ style experience for the students of Coventry University that transformed the room around them into a virtual gallery – making something both immersive and interactive that had a sense of physicality which is something the students had been missing for the past year.

As you open the app you’ll find eight intriguing objects floating around you, each representing an exhibition room – Lens, Space, Immerse, Body, Solve, Think, Story and Translate.

Tap one, and the projects within will disperse around the room.

Move your phone to see more and get closer to the pieces that peak your interest.

If it’s a film, it will play automatically.

To find out more about the piece, simply tap it, and scroll through the student’s profile, see more work and even get in touch with them directly.

Try it yourself! Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and become immersed in the art, design, language, performance, thought and movement!

Augumented Reality
Coventry University
Project Team
Ben Carlin
John Ingle
Peter & Paul