The Sheffield's Children's Hospital, Artfelt

A colouring book reimagined as a large interactive wall of lights. Designed to encourage play and provide distraction for patients and families.

Winner of Best Interaction Design - The Design Week Awards 2020

The requirement was to design an interactive art installation that was suitable for all ages. Ultimately it had to be fun and keep children entertained and distracted whilst they wait to be seen.

Inspired by the hours of joy children (and now adults) get from colouring in shapes on paper we revamped this 19th century pastime into a modern day masterpiece.

Using a hidden depth sensor, users control an array of 50 LED smart lights, housed within a custom designed lightbox. The end result culminates in a magical user experience.

Designing something that was both simple and complex enough to appeal to a range of ages was a challenge. Our solution was to create a tessellating pattern that allows for older children to create a masterpiece and younger children to be captivated by the wizardry.

Stand back and marvel at your creation!

Distraction Therapy
Sheffield Children's Hospital
Project Team
John Ingle
Ben Carlin
Adam Boyne