Crew Call: Game Changers

Job Post


  • Seeking 2 Camera Operators with experience working on challenging live even
  • Are interested in getting involved in technology for next generation of storytelling
  • Key Dates required: 8 Days, 7-9, 11th, 14-18 August 2023
  • Location: PROTO, Abbott's Hill, Baltic Business Quarter, Gateshead NE8 3DF

The Project

This summer, Megaverse is hosting a two-part live interactive narrative game that will empower audiences to make collective decisions in the fight against climate change.

We are seeking experienced camera operators with backgrounds in live event broadcast and/or shooting documentaries, and new talent to join us as runners to keep the production on track.

Game Changers is a multiplatform collaboration between climate researchers and educators, games experts and enthusiasts, and immersive theatre creatives and communicators, live streamed to audiences who can be part of the action, voting in polls to change the direction of the story, and using chat to provoke conversation.

Funded by UK Research & Innovation, this action research pilot explores how gaming and non-gaming audiences can galvanise and act towards positive change to tackle the climate crisis.

Each chapter will introduce new challenges and character dynamics which gamers must come together to help resolve, with the audience having complete agency to shape narrative outcomes, engaging with our motion-captured actors and AI-bot ECO in real time.

About Megaverse

Megaverse is an interactive studio that uses digital innovation to develop bespoke immersive experiences. By merging digital innovation with theatre, film, gaming, storytelling and the visual arts, we push the creative potential of XR technologies (augmented, virtual and mixed realities).

Alongside developing AR and VR apps for clients, Megaverse is also developing a series of ‘in-house’ location based experiences. One of which, called SURGE, premiered at Sage Gateshead in 2022. The piece is an immersive performance exploring climate change using monolithic LED screens, motion capture and VR and featuring music by Anna Meredith, spoken word poetry by Vanessa Kisuule, and a live performance by The PappyShow.

Megaverse is led by directors Ben Carlin and John Ingle who work with an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled employees and freelancers to create unforgettable and novel experiences by synthesising new and emerging technologies with storytelling - where the audience become active participants rather than passive spectators.

Crew required:

We are seeking production talent based in and around Newcastle and Gateshead.

  • 2 Camera Operators with experience working on challenging live events, whether in traditional or virtual production environments. Our set up is quite novel, so flexible and adaptable folk will be best suited to this opportunity. If you have a history working on documentaries, these skills would also be relevant.

We particularly welcome applications from people with identities underrepresented in UK production currently.



  • 7-9 August 2023 - rehearsals
  • 11th August 2023 - rehearsals
  • 14-18 August 2023 - techs and live shows (late finishes, as show streams live at 7pm)


  • PROTO, Abbott's Hill, Baltic Business Quarter, Gateshead NE8 3DF
  • Lunch will be provided – if there are days where lunch is not provided due to unforeseen circumstances, per diems will be provided instead

Contract terms:

Camera operators

  • Rehearsal and live days, est. 8 days, fixed fee £2000
  • 8.5 hour days including 0.5 hr meal break


Please submit a short statement about why you want the role and your CV, to producer,