Technology gives us the opportunity to delve deeper into our imaginations and to experience our world in new ways.

We are translators

We help you to bridge the gap between digital and creative. By merging digital innovation with theatre, film, gaming, storytelling and the visual arts, we push the creative potential of XR technologies (augmented, virtual and mixed realities).

We are interactive

We want your audience to feel empowered, challenged and inspired, as active participants rather than passive spectators. We strive to give audiences a level of immersion that allows them to forget the technology and be truly present in the lived experience, as if by magic.

We are collaborative

Whether you have a good knowledge of XR technologies, or you have never even heard of them, we work with you to bring ideas to life, all the way from initial concept through to delivery.

We are researchers

Each project uses technology in new and exciting ways - often for the very first time. Research and Development is therefore a fundamental part of our process. By working with us, you will be joining us in a journey of discovery and innovation.

We are megaverse

If you would like to collaborate with us, or simply have a chat about a potential idea, we would love to hear from you: